Annual Report

2022 Integrated Annual Report of Remgro Limited

Overview of Business

Remgro’s approach to reporting
Salient features
Our business model
Group profile
Understanding the business of Remgro
Company history
Key objectives and principal integrated risks

Reports to shareholders

Chairman’s Report
Chief Executive Officer’s Report
Chief Financial Officer’s Report
Investment reviews

ESG and sustainability

ESG and Sustainability Strategy Overview
Abridged Sustainability Report
Corporate Governance Report
Directorate and members of committees
Executive management structure
Remuneration Report
Risk and Opportunities Management Report
Social and Ethics Committee Report

Financial Report

Statement of responsibility by the Board of Directors
Responsibility statement of the CEO and CFO
Statement by the Company Secretary
Audit and Risk Committee Report
Report of the Board of Directors
Report of the Independent Auditor
Summary financial statements

Additional Information

Shareholders’ diary and Company information
Five-year review and share statistics
Shareholders’ information
Notice to shareholders

Annual Financial Statements


Sustainability Report