Contribution to headline earnings 30 June
R million
30 June
R million
Central treasury
– Finance income 224 212
– Finance costs (627) (861)
Net corporate costs (252) (249)
(655) (898)

Remgro Finance Corporation Proprietary Limited

Remgro Healthcare Holdings Proprietary Limited

Remgro International Limited – Jersey

Remgro Management Services Limited

V&R Management Services AG – Switzerland


Responsible for Remgro’s central treasury function as well as management and support services.

Unlisted companies

Finance income amounted to R224 million (2021: R212 million). This increase is mainly due to the increase in the South African repo rate. Finance costs is lower at R627 million (2021: R861 million) due to the redemption of the exchangeable bonds in cash on 22 March 2021. Other net corporate costs amounted to R252 million (2021: R249 million).