Non-executive directors

J P Rupert (73)
J P Rupert (73) Chairman
J Malherbe (67)
J Malherbe (67) Non-executive director
P J Neethling (38)
P J Neethling (38) Non-executive director
A E Rupert (35)
A E Rupert (35) Non-executive director

Independent non-executive directors

S E N De Bruyn (51)
S E N De Bruyn (51) Lead Independent Director
F Robertson (68)
F Robertson (68) Deputy Chairman
N P Mageza (68)
N P Mageza (68) Independent non-executive director
P J Moleketi (66)
P J Moleketi (66) Independent non-executive director
M Morobe (66)
M Morobe (66) Independent non-executive director
G G Nieuwoudt (47)
G G Nieuwoudt (47) Independent non-executive director
K S Rantloane (42)
K S Rantloane (42) Independent non-executive director

Executive directors

J J Durand (56)
J J Durand (56) Chief Executive Officer
M Lubbe (53)
M Lubbe (53) Compliance and Corporate Social Investments
N J Williams (58)
N J Williams (58) Chief Financial Officer
C P F Vosloo (49)
C P F Vosloo (49) Alternate Executive Director to J J Durand

Remgro’s purpose, “to shape the future and partner for South Africa’s prosperity” remains the driver to being the values-led business that it is.

Members of committees

Audit and Risk Committee
S E N De Bruyn (Chairman), N P Mageza,
P J Moleketi, F Robertson
Remuneration and Nomination Committee
J P Rupert (Chairman), S E N De Bruyn,
P J Moleketi, F Robertson
Investment Committee
J P Rupert (Chairman), J J Durand, J Malherbe,
P J Neethling (alternate to J P Rupert), G G Nieuwoudt,
K S Rantloane, F Robertson, N J Williams
Social and Ethics Committee
M Morobe (Chairman), S E N De Bruyn,
P R Louw, N P Mageza, P J Uys
Management Board
J J Durand (Chairman), P R Louw, M Lubbe,
P J Uys, N J Williams
Strategic ESG Committee
M Morobe (Chairman), S E N De Bruyn,
M Lubbe, K S Rantloane, P J Uys

How Remgro is managed

The Remgro Limited Board of Directors ultimately leads and controls the Group in all issues of a material or strategic nature, which can impact the reputation and performance of the Group. The Management Board is a subcommittee of the Remgro Board that is mainly responsible for determining policies, monitoring and managing existing investments, identifying and recommending new investment opportunities and executing the decisions and strategy of the Board. Other issues, as mandated by the Board, are dealt with at senior management level as permitted in terms of a formal delegation of authority that directs limits of delegation and approval mandates.

The Management Board, together with senior management, also aims to instil a culture of ethical behaviour and good governance throughout the Remgro Group. As at 30 June 2023 the Management Board comprised five members, being all three executive directors as well as Messrs Pieter Louw and Pieter Uys.

The schematic presentation presented in Figure 1 provides more detail on the day-to-day responsibilities and delegated authorities of the individual members of the Management Board.

Committee structure

Figure 1