The Company has a duly constituted safety and health committee, as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This committee assists the Board in ensuring that the Company provides and maintains a safe and healthy risk-free environment for staff and visitors by identifying risks and ensuring that controls designed to mitigate these risks are effective and complied with.

Most of the Company’s core activities are regarded as having a low impact on the environment.

The Company benchmarks its current environmental practices against the criteria stipulated in the Global Reporting Initiative™ (GRI) Framework. These include:


Where deemed appropriate, usage and impact are being quantified and measured against best practices. Where appropriate, compliance with safety, health and environmental systems are measured against formal standard systems such as ISO and subject to independent review. Independent boards monitor capital projects aimed at reducing environmental usage while increasing biodegradable recycling.

Tsb Sugar has set itself performance measures to minimise its environmental impact, for example bagasse, a by-product of the sugar production process, that is utilised to generate electricity. Approximately 60% of Tsb Sugar’s electricity needs are generated from bagasse. Surplus electricity is supplied into the Eskom national network.