M&I strives, in accordance with the Employment Equity Act, to afford all staff the opportunity to realise their full potential.


M&I’s management and personnel are continuously involved in determining training and development needs and in implementing and monitoring a labour plan. Special attention is given to those groups which, because of historic reasons, may be in a disadvantaged position.


In accordance with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act, M&I annually submits a labour plan to the Department of Labour.


Because of the nature of its operations, inter alia to provide core services to Remgro, M&I’s work force is characterised by the following:

M&I believes that the quality of its staff is an important sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore it believes that its success does not lie in the uniformity of its staff, but in the diversity and development of their collective talents. For these, space and opportunity will always be created.

Human resource policies and procedures also address the issues of non-discrimination, child labour, disciplinary practices, human rights, etc.