Finance income amounted to R349 million (2016: R125 million). This increase is mainly due to higher average cash balances as a result of the Remgro rights issue. Finance costs mainly consist of funding costs amounting to R893 million (2016: R466 million) and once-off transaction costs in the comparative period amounting to R402 million, which relate to the Mediclinic rights issue and Al Noor transaction. The positive fair value adjustment of R687 million, relates to the decrease in the value of the exchange option of the exchangeable bonds (2016: negative fair value adjustment of R730 million). Other net corporate costs amounted to R143 million (2016: R251 million). The comparative period includes transaction and funding costs amounting to R115 million relating to Remgro’s acquisition of Spire. These costs were recouped from Mediclinic as part of the Spire disposal consideration, outside headline earnings.