Remgro invests in businesses that can deliver superior growth in earnings and dividends over the long term. This involves the acquisition of meaningful interests in companies that have sound management and have the ability to generate strong cash returns and growth. Remgro forges strategic alliances on a partnership basis and endeavours to add value where possible. The purpose is to ensure excellent returns to shareholders by way of dividend and capital growth.

Salient features

   2008   2007   change  
    excluding non-recurring portion of BEE costs 1 700.7c   1 453.6c   17  
  HEADLINE EARNINGS PER SHARE 1 692.8c   1 453.6c   16.5  
  EARNINGS PER SHARE 2 095.7c   1 464.2c   43.1  
    excluding non-recurring portion of BEE costs R8 028m   R6 892m   16.5  
  HEADLINE EARNINGS R7 991m   R6 892m   15.9  
  EARNINGS – net profit for the year R9 893m   R6 942m   42.5  
  Dividends per share         
  Ordinary 510.00c   434.00c   17.5  
  – Interim 180.00c   153.00c   17.6  
  – Final 330.00c   281.00c   17.4  
  Net asset value per share           
  (attributable to own members)         
  – at intrinsic value R253.67   R221.00   14.8  
  Tobacco interests R146.07   R110.56   32.1  
  Other investments R107.60   R110.44   (2.6) 
  Exchange rates           
  SA rand/pound sterling exchange rate         
  – weighted average for the financial year 14.2882   13.2898     
  – at 31 March 16.029   14.3449     
  Stock exchange prices           
  Closing price per share at 31 March R195.93   R181.00   8.2