During the 2018 financial year, various critical environmental risks came to the fore that required acute management and highlighted how, across all Remgro’s subsidiaries, the operations are dependent on healthy and functioning ecosystem services. Among these issues was the ongoing drought in various parts of South Africa and, in particular in the Western Cape Province, resulting in water restrictions for businesses and residences. Other significant issues included ongoing inflationary pressure on energy, and regulatory developments requiring various reporting output. Remgro’s response requires both the identification and management of these risks, as well as to ensure that it minimises its own impact on the environment.

At the forefront of Remgro’s response is the Remgro Environmental Management Policy, which covers Remgro Management Services Limited (RMS – the service company), RCL Foods Limited (RCL Foods), Distell Group Holdings Limited (Distell) and Wispeco Holdings Proprietary Limited (Wispeco), and outlines the scope, boundaries and management structure of Remgro’s environmental duty. The Remgro Board is ultimately responsible for the implementation of the policy, but delegates its responsibilities to the Risk, Opportunities, Technology and Information Governance Committee (a subcommittee of the Audit and Risk Committee) and the Social and Ethics Committee that reviews and recommends the approval of environmental procedures implemented and maintained by RMS. With regard to RCL Foods, Distell and Wispeco, it is the responsibility of Remgro’s representatives on the boards of these companies to obtain assurance regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of their respective environmental management processes. As a central function, Remgro conducts annual environmental risk reviews on its subsidiaries and incorporates environmental performance into its various risk management frameworks.

Further details regarding Remgro’s initiatives to minimise its impact on the environment are presented in the detailed Sustainable Development Report.


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